Thank you for your interest in Vikingchan. This website is not currently in development, but might be in the future. If anything changes, we'll let you know on the blog and on /r/vikingchan

Vikingchan is an image-based bulletin board where people anonymously post images and discuss their interests. It is not required to register an account before participating in posting. Make sure you read the rules and FAQ before visiting any of the boards.
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Potential future plans

The original idea of Vikingchan was “just another imageboard”, but designed the way we wanted an imageboard to look and feel. This will not happen, there is no potential in it. Instead, we’ve been thinking of redesigning (as in, removing and changing boards and features) the website into a more music-focused project. Nothing is set in stone, but if you are still interested in the website now you know we still think about it and check in once in a while.

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